Monday, April 20, 2009

Tough Love

Do you know what I really, really, really hate?


Like, with a passion that burns deep inside of me – I loathe it.

Now, I understand that my saying this could be considered “negative”, but a) give me a break and b) I’m allowed to combat things in my life that I believe slow us down. Sorry, I am.

And I say “us”, as in a collective generation – because I think we can change it if we own up to it. And, of course, there’s the fact that it’s my Facebook note. So, if you don’t agree, you don’t have to continue reading. But just a fair warning; if you don’t agree, it probably means you’re the person that should read this the most and I’m probably talking about or inspired by you, but whatever. Go dwell in a corner, Negative Nancy.

I just want to shake people that seem to focus on or affirm every aspect of their life with some sort of negative pretense. It’s annoying, really annoying.I hate negativity and its gang of loser friends: Complaining. Judgment. Apathy. Pessimism. Offense. I hate it all. I think it’s a cancer that dwells deep inside us, and it’s up to us to battle it DAILY and keep it out of every single area of our lives.

I’m obviously not perfect, and I have my days where I’d rather complain than attempt to see the bright side, but those are fleeting. In fact, they’re kind of funny lately. I’ll have a moment of frustration, where I complain to anyone who will listen or completely curse the darkness. But it never makes me feel better. In fact, I often have a very awkward pause after the end of my vent session. It’s very much like God is staring at me, one eyebrow raised and arms crossed like the Father he is, almost as if to say : “do you feel better now?”And I never do.

Go figure.

I’m also not justifying ignorant naivety or sheer oblivion. There’s a way to be real, without having to suck the life out of everyone and everything around you with your crude “reality”.

Offense is a choice. You can argue all you want, but if you choose to not be offended, you never will be. How’s that for brilliant? Stop thinking everyone has it out for you and everything is working against you, and you’ll instantly feel the weight lifted.This may hurt to hear, but this world doesn’t revolve around you anyway, so the minute you stop expecting that very thing, you’ll avoid disappointment and let down and hurt and offense and blah, blah, blah. Seriously, how do people have time for this? My day would be completely consumed with crying and whining about what everyone is doing or saying or not doing or not saying if I chose to live that way, and I would never get anything done – let alone anything productive or world changing. Get over yourself. I say this with only love and encouragement. No offense. HA.

Another thing: build someone else UP. You’ll be amazed at how much better YOU feel, when you focus on improving someone else’s day. I’m not saying that we need to set off into the world solely to compliment someone else, expecting an instant return. But it you live generously, it will come back. I promise. And the sun will shine just a little brighter for you.

Here’s another reminder, for those of you to which this applies: you may be the only Jesus that anyone will ever see. Is that a scary thought? It should be. And I know you’ve heard it all before, and some of your Negative Nancy’s who are reading this note out of sheer curiosity are probably rolling your eyes right now and thinking “oh, Corianne, you’re so textbook”… well, stop. Those of you who have answered the call and actively work as His hands and feet – are you representing Him well? When we break each other down, complain about the church, drag our feet, keep score, make assumptions… we are very poor representation of why we do what we do. And people notice. They do, I promise. Stop allowing division and apathy. I’m done taking one step forward and two steps back, and you should be too.

And pessimism. You’re not being “pragmatic” or a “realist”. Get over yourself. Pessimism is negativity dressed up in fancy clothing. Call it what it is. If your glass is half-empty, find the source and replenish, you big downer! Stop beating around the bush, dropping subtle hints so people will ask what is wrong. If something is wrong, fix it immediately. Don’t wait for someone else to come around and top you off, because it won’t happen. Think of it this way. In this life, we’re all patrons in a buffet. We have a vast assortment of resources, chances and opportunities readily available to us, but there’s no waiter or waitress ready to serve you around the clock. You have to get up and do it yourself. If your glass/plate is empty… whose fault is that?

I feel so much better.


Dollface said...

Its great to be possitive. And some times we just have one of those days.. thanks for the inspiration! xxooo

Canadian Girl said...

i tagged you!